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Asset Assurance & Studies

The benefits associated with a robust Asset Integrity Management System are realised through the ability to detect high-potential incidents and prevent Major Accident Hazards, which are key contributors to social responsibility & corporate reputation.

Key issues to be addressed within the organisation are to firstly understand and identify the inherent hazards which are to be dealt with, then, using qualitative and quantitative means, design, fabricate, construct, commission, followed by operating & sustaining those barriers. In order to operate & sustain integrity, this will involve the inspection, testing & maintenance of barriers (in any form) in order to prove and verify their functionality as outlined in their performance standard or assurance activity.

Uptime Maximisation

Understanding and mitigating your downtime & vulnerabilities is a crucial, perpetual process which is key to sustaining and improving plant performance and achieving business objectives. AIM Valor have a solid acumen in applying leading methods which facilitates and embeds the removal of bad actors contributing to loss, and by understanding vulnerabilities we AIM to protect against future unplanned losses proactively.

Maintenance Optimisation

AIM Valor have decades of experience built from the sound application of techniques in order to develop, optimise and manage effective plant maintenance programmes for high-risk industries.

This cycle begins by fully understanding performance of in-service assets and ensuring the configuration of an Asset Register, and the loading of maintenance tasks deployed into the CMMS are as intended per the maintenance programme. Continuing with the appropriate scheduling and planning of the tasks to execution & recording of data which constantly feeds further optimisation and improvement through data analysis & programme iterations.